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Enlightened Leadership Podcast

Nov 18, 2019


Rudradeb Mitra Author of: Creating Value Through AI and Founder and CEO of Omdena  Is an entrepreneur like no other I have ever met. He is using the power of people all over the world to solve and create solutions to humanity's greatest problems through collaborative AI. If you are in tec and you want to make a positive impact Ruh Metra is your man.



Discover How:


  • Ru tapped into insight to move away from a successful startup to start omdena before he even had the idea in the first place


  • His big insight about using the power of collaboration to activate the potential of AI for good! 


  • He has been able to bring people from every part of the world to work remotely on his Omdena challenges FOR FREE


  • Ru has found a way to bring over 25 people together from as many countries to work together without any management 


  • He stays in the present and doesn't think about a future for omdena.


  • Ru’s vision for humanity that allows people, and communities to come together and solve ANY problem through AI without having to rely on governments and charity handouts.


  • Ru finds a way to stay completely peaceful and stress free 


And so, so much more!!

Find out about Omdena and Ru in the links below: