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Enlightened Leadership Podcast

Dec 1, 2019

Join me for a mindblowing conversation with Jack Bigio, the CEO and Chief Alchemist of the too good to be true company UBQ Materials.

UBQ is at the forefront of circular economy By developing a technology that turns landfills site, into building material sites.

Jack is the epitome of joyful energy. His mission and his style of leadership are the foundations of his success in the world.

We talk about everything from technology to overcoming adversity and tapping into the power of integrity as a leader.


On this episode you will discover:


What UBQ is and what it does ( turning household waste into a single homogenous usable material)


How this new technology that’s transforming the way we use household waste forever came into existence.


The 10 years of covert, undercover work that went into the building and development of UBQ


The company's mission and responsibility for our future generations


How he and the team overcome the enormous implications of inventing a brand new ecosystem 


How Jack dealt with companies simply not believing a product like UBQ could ever exist, that it was not true! (can you imagine that?)


And so much more... 

For  more info check out this YouTube clip