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Enlightened Leadership Podcast

Dec 15, 2019

Join me for a very powerful conversation with Denise DeLuca.  Denise is the Sustainable Design programme director at the College of Arts and Design in Minneapolis. And she's also the author of the wonderful book realigning with nature.


On this episode you will discover: 

  • How, looking through the lens of, and realigning with nature is the most effective way to find solutions in life and In business.
  • How to connect with the fundamental truth that we are a part of, not a part from nature
  • How biomimicry works and what its key roles and functions are in supporting life and leadership
  • How Denise found herself involved in the field of Impact driven leadership, and her journey from engineer to nature loving scientist, to impact leader.
  • Some powerful tools you can use right away to start finding solutions to key problems in your life or business.

And so much more 

For  more info about Denise head over to

 Business inspired by nature

Masters Program in Sustainable Design 

Her book Re-aligning with nature